Radio 2RPH

We are still here!

It is with a heavy heart that we announce we have had to take our website offline temporarily.  Unfortunately our site has been hacked, specifically what is known as a "Pharma Hack".  To explain,  when the website detected a Google Bot cataloguing the site it would present alternative content, in our case it was adverts for Viagra.  After careful consideration we decided the quickest and cleanest way to correct this was to take our site offline while a new site is prepared.


Please be assured that this will in no way have affected any of you our valued listeners.  The hacks sole purpose is to elevate someone elses Google listing, riding on the back of our own listing.  This also unfortunately means our own Google presence has been polluted but we are working with the nice folks at Google to rectify that.


We are deeply saddened that somebody would want or choose to hack, deface and ultimately damage our online presence.  However here at 2RPH we do not let things like this get us down, so we are choosing to embrace it, emboldening our spirit and we are working as quickly as we can to bring you a new experience.