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Volunteering opportunities

We offer volunteering positions as they become available in the following categories:

  • Reading newspapers 'live' to air
  • Announcing – at RPH the Announcer is also the producer of the live‐to‐air program*
  • Panel operating/producing pre‐recorded programs and digital file transfer (computerised) *
  • Reading and recording books and magazines for later broadcast*
  • Rostering and Administration
  • Reception, including handling telephone enquiries and a variety of office tasks
  • Program advisory roles
  • Periodic interviewing of community and digital file transfer.

* A free training program is provided for these categories. And on‐going training is also provided.

We are always looking to welcome new readers and announcers or others who can contribute in other ways. If you are interested please contact the station

What do we ask of our volunteers?

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We ask volunteers to apply themselves to their tasks in the same way they would if they were to be paid for their services. That is: we ask you to arrive at the stipulated time for the shift (which is always in advance of the on‐air time) to allow for preparation and for any last‐minute briefing that may be necessary.

We seek to have a friendly, co‐operative environment – it makes for better broadcasting. We ask that in addition to the 'no comment' rule, you do not make personal calls of any kind on air.

What next?

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What happens at an audition?

If you want to be an announcer you'll need an audition.

An audition is a test of voice, ability to read with accuracy (without any dramatics), without comment of any kind at all, and capacity to convey the printed word in a meaningful way.

It consists of material selected by the station, including recent news stories selected from Sydney newspapers, an 'at‐sight' item and a list of words, including many names of people and places currently in the news. So you don't have to bring any material with you.

A number of people are invited to each audition, which begins with a brief introduction and a full explanation of what's expected from your audition. Each prospective volunteer is taken to a studio where their audition is recorded. We make two or three studios available for this purpose to make sure there is as little delay as possible. The auditions are then heard by a small selection panel.

Practice helps. So before you attend the audition, spend a few hours a day reading from a newspaper, out loud. You'll find it takes concentration – it's not as easy as it sounds!

As soon as possible after the audition, we write and advise the result.